a lesson from mom in organization

After a wonderful vacation, I returned home to the dirtiest, most unorganized room I've probably ever had (actually, that's a big lie, but just go with it).  While attempting to unpack, I realized I simply had too much stuff, and not enough space.  Keep in mind my room is not small.  Looking around the room stressed me out.  Since I had the day off yesterday, I decided to take advantage and de-clutter my living space.

I cleaned out and organized my closet, and it has never looked better (this is the truth).  It's amazing how one small tip can make a difference, but I'll get to that later.  What I wanted to share now is a trick my mom taught me a few years ago.  Even though she isn't around to remind me, it stuck with me and I almost forgot how useful it was.
I am a major scarf connoisseur--I have one in just about every color, and all kinds of patterns.  I love how they keep my neck warm and add something special to an outfit, and I tend to wear lightweight ones in warmer weather as well. The problem with owning so many scarves is that I run out of space to store them.  My mom noticed this problem when I was in college and showed me how rolling the scarves saves space and makes it easier to grab one before I run out the door.
 Start by folding the scarf in half both ways. Obviously all scarves are different sizes, so this will vary per scarf.
 Start rolling until you have a nice tight roll, and place the scarf into your storage bin.  I have a plastic tub of them under my bed, and a little drawer (yes, I realize I'm a freak).

This is a super easy method to keeping organized! For those of you who aren't into scarves, a similar method works for t-shirts and hoodies as well.  I roll my hoodies the same way and stack them at the top of my closet.

For t-shirts, I fold them normally but place them upward so to save space.  Now I just need to work on everything remaining organized.   I'll keep you posted on how that goes...

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. That first sentence reminds me of the 6-girl... That was the dirtiest room I've ever lived in! Love you!

  2. EXACTLY why I had to call myself out and say that sentence was a lie, haha! I love you too! xo

  3. Oh my gosh I must try this! My scarfs are a mess!