take care

Hi friends--long time, no talk.  Well, I've been complaining for weeks about feeling rundown, and everything finally caught up with me.  I flew home to Oklahoma last week for Thanksgiving, and I was looking forward to relaxing and spending some much-needed quality times with friends and family who I hadn't seen since Summer.  Unfortunately, not long after arriving, I started feeling absolutely horrible. I tried to take it easy, and in typical Paige fashion was stubborn about going to the doctor, and when I finally did, the doc gave me the bad news. I have pneumonia.

What? I thought that was something elderly people got, not 20-somethings.  But apparently it's more common than I thought. My allergies/cold from the past couple weeks developed into bronchitis while I was back home, and that turned into pneumonia. Fun, right?  I spent most of my vacation feeling completely dreadful, and have since spent the last five days or so lying in bed. Blech.  Today I finally went into the office for a bit, but I'm just easing myself back into things.
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As stupid as it sounds, this setback has made me take a step back and look at how I'm living my life.  I literally overworked myself so much that I ran my health straight into the ground. I realize I have not been making myself a priority, and that needs to change. I tend to say yes, yes, yes, even if I'm not feeling up to something, and it caught up with me.

I urge all of you to join me and take care of yourself! I often take my health for granted, and instead it's something I should be focusing on and ensuring I keep.
Take care, y'all


  1. I'm sorry you had to learn the ick way but it's good to take extra time for yourself. I've learned the hard way too that sometimes saying no to something really means saying yes to yourself! Hope you get to feeling better and remember to cut yourself some slack :)

    1. Yes, I have such a hard time doing that but am definitely learning to start. Thanks doll! Feeling better each day :)