malibu wines

A few weeks ago when my boyfriend was visiting me, we decided to make a little trip to Malibu.  We went hiking for a few hours, and then drove deep into the mountains to a quaint little place called Malibu Wines. I heard about this place through my friend Shelby, who knew how much I love wine and didn't want me to miss out!

Not only is this place beautiful (you look up and see nothing but mountains, trees, and sky), but also relatively cheap.  Of course, there are some more expensive bottles, with the highest price being about $75, but most of them were very affordable.  We opted for the Semler 2004 Cab Sauv and Saddlerock 2010 Orange Muscat, both of which I highly recommend.  The winery also does tasting flights, where you can sample three to five different types of wine.

But I think what I loved most about this place is that you can bring your own food (I know, you're shocked).  They have a few snacks available for purchase, but we just brought our own little picnic.  Granted, it was made up of the few things I had left in my pantry, but it was still delicious with our wine.  It was a lovely spot for one-on-one time, and I really want to get all the girls together one afternoon and take a trip back!

a portion of the backyard at malibu wines

the beau and i

i LOVED this sign. 
watermelon and semler cab sauv
I'm thinking I'll try a tasting during my next visit.  Any takers?