in loving memory

Last year, my world came crumbling down when I lost my mom--my best friend, my inspiration.  She was 50.  It was incredibly sudden and unexpected--a huge loss in my life.  I don't say this to make anyone sad or take any pity, but rather to understand how big of a part of me she was, and still is.
my family in keystone, colorado in '07

More frequently these days I find myself saying, "I sound exactly like my mother" in particular circumstances.  A good example is when a friend gets sick and I insist they gargle with salt water.  That was something both of my parents basically forced my brothers and I to do, and I despised it.  Sometimes I would even pour half of the disgusting warm concoction down the sink (sorry, Dad).  But now--when one of my friends is sick, I push this tactic on them as well.  

Not only have my mom's nurturing tendencies begun rubbing off on me, but the older I get the more I realize how much I am like her in every sense.  She used to laugh when she'd see me running out the door in Nike shorts and an ill-fitting tee; she'd normally make a comment like, "I can't believe you're leaving the house like that."  I'd always brush it off, but now, only a couple years later, it's honestly a rarity to leave my apartment wearing something like that.  Going out in a T-shirt is usually something I save for game days now.  Moving to Los Angeles and working in the creative world has essentially transformed me into a fashionista-in-training.  So now, fashion has been tacked onto the list of my favorite things, and I can almost hear that infamous "I told you so."

So, now that my main interests essentially mirror my mom's--I found it fitting to create a space to share all of our favorite things with the world.  I hope you all enjoy! Here's to Kim, and everything fabulous that she loved.

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