wednesday wear

By the time the middle of the week rolls around, my to-do list seems to be growing and my patience for the weekend wearing. On these oh-so-busy days, I tend to throw on my boyfriend jeans, get my hair out of my face, and get down to business.  But since most of us still need to look polished in our comfortable getups, I've compiled a few casual + chic looks that are easy to emulate with the pieces already hanging in your closet.
image via atlantic-pacific
Throw on a great jacket and some pointy-toe pumps with your boyfriend jeans, and the look becomes the perfect choice for anything on your calendar. 
image via brooklyn blonde
It's pretty much impossible to not be comfortable in a classic v-neck. Keep it simple with a black + white color palette, a sleek ponytail, and red lips.
image via could i have that?
A crisp button down and relaxed jeans are a no-brainer for days when you're in a rush. I love the sunny hue of this Equipment blouse for spring, but it's a bit out of my price range. Find a more affordable alternative here.
image via sincerely, jules
There's nothing more easy-breezy than a maxi dress. Pair it with a leather jacket for an edgier look.
image via frankie hearts fashion
And of course there's the always classic button-down, crisp blazer, jeans, and booties. I mean, when does that combination ever not look perfect?

Another secret of mine, although small, is a manicure.  I almost always keep polish on my nails because it curbs my terrible nail-biting habit, and keeping it maintained also helps me feel more put together.
What are your go-tos when you're in that mid-week rush?


  1. I agree with the manicure! A bold lip color helps me amp things up a bit :-)

    1. That's always a good one, too! Especially when the rest of of my makeup is no longer on my face, haha.