crested butte photo diary

It's been only a month since I've left Crested Butte, and I'm already yearning for my next trip! My family has been going every year, and I can't imagine the holiday season without it.

We spent most of our days in Crested Butte skiing obviously, and after a brief soak session in the hot tub (nothing is better for sore muscles), we'd either jet off to dinner at one of the town's quaint local haunts or cook something up in the room.  But I have to say my favorite meal is when we take a sleigh ride up to the top of the mountain.  Although we enjoy an amazing + elaborate three-course meal (with lots of wine), what I love most is that it was my mom's favorite part of our trip. She didn't ski, so she loved getting to ride up the mountain and see where we spent our days.

My dad and I always take a day off skiing and go to town to shop, eat, and browse the art galleries. This year, after visiting town, we also went snowmobiling.

If you ever visit, you can't miss The Secret Stash--phenomenal pizza with a cozy atmosphere. Just make sure you order appetizers as the pizzas take quite a pretty long time. Well worth the wait, I assure you. Also be sure to try a breakfast sandwich (specifically, the Hurley) from Gas Cafe. No other breakfast sandwich I've had even compares!
Happy Tuesday!

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