match made in heaven

[heidi merrick blouse, h&m pants, target heels, coach purse, ray-ban aviators, ring- jewels by the sea in la jolla, ca]

You know, I always make a solid effort to be an organized person. I plan, I make lists and all that business, but really when it comes down to it my best ideas, outfits, revelations, etc. come when there is literally no planning whatsoever.  And that's exactly how this gem of an outfit happened.

This blouse is my absolute favorite, so I pretty much wear it all the time with everything, and these pants are a go-to when I'm feeling uninspired and looking to shake things up a little. How I didn't pair them together right away is one of the hundreds of reasons I'm not a fashion stylist.  Because I'm sure you were all wondering that before...

I hope everyone is having a lovely Valentine's Day! I'm seeing the beau this weekend, so I'll be spending the evening with some girlfriends, a lot of wine, and Beyonce (the documentary, not her in real life unfortunately). What are your plans this year?


  1. Those pants! I need them! You look so chic, love it!

    1. Thanks doll! Seriously, they were so cheap at H&M. Try to snag them!