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Ever since Fashion Week, I've had the obvious topic on the brain.  But more specifically, I'm compelled to many of the trends popping up on the runways for fall and spring, as well as what I've seen on the streets. I've never been much of a trend-follower (and there are some I plan to stay far away from), but as I do live in L.A. and I have the opportunity to be a bit more daring with my duds, it feels wrong to not take advantage! Here are some I've been gravitating toward.
image via brooklyn blonde
Whenever the concept of wedge sneakers first popped up a la Isabel Marant and Marc Jacobs, I was so not into it. The puffy tongues and loud colors seemed sloppy to me, and while I could appreciate what the iconic designers were going for, I couldn't stand the result.  But now as more brands have launched tamer, neutral versions of the sporty shoe, I find myself actually wanting a pair (much to the beau's dismay).
image via could i have that?
I'm happy to see that classics with a twist are as relevant as ever in coming seasons. You better believe this redhead is happy to rock Emerald green from head to toe and leather sleeves, pants, bags, everything.

photos via damsel in dior
A printed blazer is perfection when paired with classic black pieces underneath. This is a spring staple  I can't bear to miss out on!
photo via this time tomorrow
Bold prints popped up on the runways for spring, and it looks like they'll be sticking around for fall as well.  The trend seems tricky to pull off (and I'm no stylist so there's that), but I'm definitely willing to give it a whirl. I'm not so much for mixing prints even though it's another big trend; I prefer the bold patterns when paired with neutrals to keep the look grounded.

What trends are you dying to try for spring? What ones do you hate?

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