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Happy New Year, my friends! I'm back from the ultimate vacation--a week in New York; a week in Colorado; the weekend in San Diego. I completely unplugged (except for instagram...can't help my obsession). The beau and I relished the time with our families, and then packed up his apartment for his move to a new place as soon as we returned.  Needless to say, even though I had a long + amazing vacation, I could still use a bit of relaxation!

I've never been one to set "resolutions." I always thought it sounded like a good plan, but I never actually stuck to them and it became such a cliche that I've shied away from the practice in recent years. However, the new year does always mean a fresh start, which I like.  I do always try to set at least a couple goals for myself and make a major effort to stick to them. They're usually pretty broad, like: spend more time with family and friends.  But this year, I'm pulling out the big guns. I'm ready for some big changes, and I intend to see them through. An important one for me is getting organized and really maintaining that organization. I tend to go on a crazy organization spree for like a week and then I get lazy and it pretty much stays that way most of the time. No more! 

photos via middle child complex
What resolutions have you set for yourself this year? I'll share more of mine in the coming weeks. Would love to hear your tips for staying organized and inspired!

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