foodie friday: the belmont

I can't believe it's been so long since I've shared my indulgences with you via Foodie Friday! The good news is I actually have been eating out far too much (okay, that's not so good news for my wallet or bod), but that means I have lots of good foodie action to bestow upon you.

Holli and I got crazy this week and stayed on the Eastside after work for drinks and dinner. For happy hour we tried a new place called The Phoenix, which I'll feature soon. And for dinner we tried The Belmont.  Honestly, I was apprehensive about The Belmont at first because when we asked for a cocktail/wine list, our server said they didn't have one: "we have a malbec, a cabernet sauvignon, a chardonnay..." Obviously this lack of choices wasn't so thrilling to learn, but I gave their sole malbec a try anyway and it didn't disappoint.

Really all I can say about this place is that it's dark, cozy, and has a menu full of scrumptious, down-home American dishes. Their drinks aren't anything to write home about (but they're pretty cheap); what The Belmont is good for is just simple + excellent food.  It's an inexpensive, no-fuss kind of place, and the service is great too. Frankly I think L.A. could use more spots like it!

Not To Be Missed
baked mac and cheese (YOU MUST order this, there's crab and bacon in it people!), southern friend chicken, cheeseburger, grilled artichokes (we didn't actually the burger or artichokes, but hear rave reviews)

Seriously, go and try the mac and cheese. You'll leave on cloud nine, I guarantee it!

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